Welcome to  I started this website as a resource for people interested in learning more about the Terre Haute Brewing Company and Champagne Velvet Beer.  I also wanted a forum for virtually displaying and sharing my collection and the collections of others (see acknowledgement).  To date, there are almost 300 items featured on this site!


My interest in the brewery started before I could drive.  My grandfather and his two brothers worked at the brewery long before I was born.  The first CV items that I purchased were two WWII-era bottles that I picked up at a flea market.  I then bought a conetop beer can.  My collection did not grow any further until I graduated from college.  Since then it has been a regular passion of mine to search for new items to add to my collection.


If you have any items that are not pictured on this website, please send me a picture and I will add it to this online collection.  I will also give you acknowledgment as I have for many others.


This site also serves as a source for buying, selling, and trading Terre Haute Brewing Company memorabilia.  Visit the Items for Sale/Trade page to learn more.


I hope you enjoy this website.  Cheers, and happy collecting!